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Victor Tubosun Babalola

Lecturer II

Research Interest

Chemistry Teaching Methods; Chemistry Mnemonics; Polymer Chemistry; Strategic Planning; Public Private Partnership in Education.

Area of specialization

Chemistry Education & Educational Management


  • PhD. (In view)
  • M.Ed(Admin.&Plan.)(BUK)
  • BSc. (Ed) Chem.(OAU),

Selected Publications

  1.  Babalola, V.T. (2021). Effect of Mnemonics-Based Pedagogy on Chemistry Students’ academic Achievements and Mindfulness in Yusuf Maitama Sule University, Kano-Nigeria. Bayero Journal of Science, Technology and Mathematics Education. Forthcoming…..(Accepted for publication)
  2. Babalola, V. T. (2021). Effect of Diagrams on Chemistry Students’ Academic Achievement in Kano Municipal Secondary Schools, Nigeria. Global Journal of Arts Humanity and Social Sciences. 1(1):1-8.
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    Available online at: kD.php
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    Available Online at html
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