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Room 106, Ground floor, Basic Medical Sciences, Academic Wing, Main Campus

Saleh Nuhu

Lecturer II

Research Interest

Mechanisms causing low intelligent quotient (IQ) in children expsed to lead (Pb)

Area of specialization

Developmental Neurotoxicology


  • PhD In view (ABU)
  • M.Sc. Anatomy (BUK)
  • B.Sc. Human Anatomy, University of Maiduguri

Selected Publications

  1. Nuhu, S., Modibbo, M. H., Tela, I. A., Saleh, M. S. and Umar, A. B. (2017). Effect of Lead on the Medulla Oblongata of Albino Wistar Rat – Bayero Journal of Basic Medical Sciences.

  2. Nuhu, S., Buba, M. B., Abubakar, A., Muhammad, B. I., Tela, I. A. and Gwadabe, S. (2017). Impact of Lead on the Haematological Profile of Albino Wistar Rats – Presented in the Annual Scientific Conference of the Physiological Society of Nigeria.

  3. Nuhu, S., Adamu, L. H., Buba, M. A., Garba, S. H., Dalori, B. M. and Yusuf, A. H. (2018). Gender preference between traditional and PowerPoint methods of teaching gross anatomy. J Edu Health Promot. 7:35.

  4. Nuhu, S., Dalori, B. M., Adamu, L. H., Ibrahim, I. and Aliyu, M. N. (2019). Sex determination using mandibular canine among Northeastern Nigerian population – Journal of Forensic Science and Medicine, 5:151-5.

  5. Nuhu, S., Dalori, B. M., Adamu, L. H. and Buba, M. A. (2019). Establishment of sexual dimorphism using maxillary canine of the university of Maiduguri students’, Nigeria. Int J Forensic Odontol, 4:68-72.

  6. Aliyu, M. N., Ibrahim, I., Nuhu, S. Abubakar, U. M. and Ihunwo, A. O. (2019). Unilateral Absence of Musculocutaneous nerve, International Journal of Medical Review and Case Reports, 3(4) 193-194.

  7. Anas, I. Y., Bamgbose, B. O. and Nuhu, S. (2019). A comparison between 2D and 3D methods of quantifying facial morphology, Heliyon 5.

  8. Ibrahim, I., Nuhu, S., Adamu, H. G. and Muhammad, G. H. (2019). Additional (intermediate) muscle layer in the forearm Compartments – Acta Scientific Medical Sciences 3(9), 102-103.