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Mukhtar Danlami Garba, PhD

Lecturer II

Research Interests

Information security, Access control

Area of Specialization

Biometric Authentication/ Optimization techniques


  • PhD. Information Technology
  • MSc. Computer Information System
  • BSc. Computer Science

Selected Publications

  1. Muktar, D., Ahmad, F., Mohammad, Z., Hassan, H., & Zakaria, A. H. (2014). Examination Scheduling System Based on Quadratic Assignment. In The Third International Conference on Informatics & Applications (ICIA2014) (pp. 64-71). The Society of Digital Information and Wireless Communication.
  2. Ahmad, F., Mohammad, Z., Hassan, H., Rose, A. N. M., & Muktar, D. (2015). Quadratic Assignment Approach for Optimization of Examination Scheduling. Applied Mathematical Sciences, 9(130), 6449-6460.
  3. Danlami, M., Ramli, S.N., Jemain, N.I., Pindar, Z.A., Jamel, S., Mustafa, & Deris, M. (2018). An Efficient Iris Image Thresholding based on Binarization Threshold in Black Hole Search Method.
  4. Muktar, D., Jamel, S., Ramli, S. N., & Deris, M. M. (2019, January). 2D legendre wavelet filter for iris recognition feature extraction. In Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Cryptography, Security and Privacy (pp. 174-178). ACM.
  5. Muktar D, Sapiee J, Sofia N R and Mustafa M D, (2019) “A Framework for Iris Partial Recognition based on Legendre Wavelet Filter” International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications (IJACSA), 10(5), 2019.
  6. Sulaiman I. M., Mamat M., Kamfa K., & Danlami M. (2020). A Descent Modification of
    Conjugate Gradient Method for Optimization Models. Iraqi Journal of Science, 61(7), 1745-1750.
  7. Danlami, M., Jamel, S., Ramli, S.N., Azahari, S.R.M. (2020). Comparing the Legendre Wavelet filter and the Gabor Wavelet filter for Feature Extraction based on Iris Recognition System 6th International Conference on Optimization and Applications, ICOA 2020 – Proceedings 9094465