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Office of the Dean, Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences complex, Main Campus

James Abrak Timbuak, PhD

Associate Professor

Research Interest

Human evolution, Biological variation, population genetics and Histology

Area of specialization

Biological anthropology/Molecular Genetics


  • PhD.
  • M.Sc.
  • BSc.

Selected Publications

  1. Timbuak JA, Budaye, Toryila JM, Umana EU., Hamman OW, M, Jibrin D, Musa SA (2014). Histological and biochemical study of the effect of Artesunate-Amodiaquine Combination Therapy on the Liver of Adult Wistar Rats. Nigeria Biomedical Sciences Journal 10(1):15-18
  2. Umana Uduak E, Netete BV, Timbuak, JA. Ibegbu AO, Musa SA and Hamman WO (2014). Dermatoglyphics and Cheiloscopy patterns in hypertensive patients; A study in Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital (ABUTH), Zaria Nigeria and environs, International Journal of Scientific Research publications 4(5): 1-5
  3. Toryila JE, Amadi K, Odeh SO, Adelaiye AB, Timbuak JA, Akpulu P. (2014). Dynamics of combined oral contraceptive: a study of haemostatic parameters in female wistar rats. Asian Journal of Biological and Life Science 3(3): 179-183
  4. Timbuak JA, Budaye, Toryila J M, Umana EU., Hamman OW, M, Jibrin D, Musa SA (2015). Effect of Artesunate-Amodiaquine Combination Therapy on the Testes of Adult Wistar Rats.Nigeria Biomedical Sciences Journal 11(1):27-30
  5. Alhaji MM, Timbuak J, Uduak U and Tanko M. (2015) Palmar Creases and Handedness in Hausas Of Northern Nigeria: A Cross-Sectional Study. Asian Journal of Biological and Medical Sciences, 1(2):6-13.
  6. Akpulu SP, Ibegbu AO, Danladi J, Murdakai T., Timbuak JA., Toryila JE, Sangodare RSA, Ladan Z and Hambolu JO (2015). Density and Acid value can be indices for evaluation of tissue clearing ability of some oils as clearing agents. Nigerian Biomedical Science Journal 11(1):23-26
  7. Toryila JE, Adelaiye AB, Amadi K, Odeh SO, Timbuak JA, Akpulu P (2015). Effect of combined oral contraceptive on the histology of the kidney and liver of female wistar rats Nigerian Biomedical Science Journal 11(1):45-48
  8. J.A. Timbuak, T.F. Momoh, A.S. Adamu, A.I. Iliya, M. Tanko, Z.M.Bauchi, U.E. Umana, WO, Hamman, A.O Ibegbu, SP. Akpulu, SE Ata (2015). Histo-degenerative effect of ethanolic extract of Cannabis indica on the cytoarchitecture of the seminiferous tubules of Wistar rats. Nigerian Biomedical Science Journal 11(3):63-67
  9. Musa Sunday Abraham, Yahaya Fatima Muhammad, Omoniyi Akinyemi Ademola, Timbuak James Abrak, Ibegbu Augustine Oseloka (2016). Comparative anatomical studies of the cerebrum, cerebellum and brainstem of male guinea pigs (Cavia porcellus) and Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus). Journal of Veterinary Anatomy 9(2):1-14
  10. Bauchi, Z.M., Kizito, D., Alhassan, A.W., Akpulu, S.P. and Timbuak, J.A (2016). Effect of aqueous seed extract of Nigella sativa on lead-induced cerebral cortex toxicity in Long Evans rat. Bayero Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences, 9(1): 48 – 52
  11. Tanko M., Adebisi SS, Danborno B., Ojo SA, Timbuak J.A. Iliya IA., Sadeeq AA., Bauchi ZM and Achie LN. (2016). Age at menopause and its determinants amng women in Kumana chiefdom of Kauru Local Government, Kaduna state, Nigeria. Nigerian Journal of Scientific Research, 15(1):24-28
  12. Timbuak JA, Fagbemi EO, Agbon AN, Umana UE, Tanko M, Iliya AI, Musa SA. (2017). Assessment of the Hepatoprotective effect of aqueous fruit extract of Phoenix dactylifera. L. on Paracetamol induced liver toxicity. Journal of Anatomical sciences, 8(1): 98-104
  13. Alhaji MM, Tan J, Hamid MR, Timbuak JA, Naing L, Tuah NA. (2018). Determinants of quality of life as measured by variants of SF-36 in patients with predialysis chronic disease Saudi Med J. 7:653-661. doi: 10.15537/smj.2018.7.21352
  14. AY Asuku, B Danborno, JA Timbuak, AS Akuyam (2018). Comparative Effects of Physical Activity on Anthropometric and Visceral Measures of Adiposity in Hausa Ethnic Group of Kano, Nigeria. Journal of Anatomical sciences, 9(1): 21-27
  15. Timbuak JA, Danborno B, Adebisi SS, and Nok AJ. (2018). Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) haplogroup profile of four ethnic groups within the southern part of Kaduna State, Nigeria. Journal of Anatomical sciences 9(2):32-42
  16. Abdulateef Onoruoiza Yusuf, Barnabas Danborno, James Abrak Timbuak (2019). Dermatoglyphic patterns among adolescents of the Ebira ethnic group of Kogi State, Nigeria. J Morphol Sci 36(4):261-268
  17. Asuku AY, Danborno B, Abubakar SA, Timbuak AJ, Lawan HA (2019) Adiposity measures in metabolic syndrome among Hausa in Kano, Northern Nigeria Niger J Physiol Sci 34:017- 025
  18. Wusa Makena, Joseph O. Hambolu, James A. Timbuak, Uduak E. Umana, Abdullahi I. Iliya, Nathan I. Dibal (2020). Mormodica charantia L. fruits and Genistein ameliorates type 2 diabetes in rats by preventing lipid accumulation, insulin resistance and enhancing beta cell function. Journal of diabetes & Metabolic Disorders. 00648-4
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  21. olomon AY, Danborno SB, Timbuak J (2020). High resolution RFLP analysis of mtDNA variation of southern Kaduna Ashiolio and Atakar, and their genetic relationships to other African populations. Journal of Anatomical Sciences 11(1): 88-96
  22. Idris Abdu Tela, Sunday Abraham Musa, Ibrahim Abdullahi Iliya, James Oliver Nzalak, James Timbuak (2020). Effects of prenatal exposure to hyocyamin fraction of Datura stramonium seeds on neuro motor reflexes in Wistar rat pups (Rattus norvegicus). NIJOSAR 1(1):253-262
  23. Rilwan, H.B., Adebisi, S.S., Timbuak, J.A. et al. Camel milk ameliorates diabetes in pigs by preventing oxidative stress, inflammation and enhancing beta cell function. J Diabetes Metab Disord 21, 1625–1634 (2022).