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Ali Ibrahim Dasuki, PhD

Lecturer I

Research Interest

Internet of Things, People and Performance

Area of specialization



  • PhD, (Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria)
  • MSc. (Manchester Metropolitan University)
  • MBA (Bayero University Kano),
  • BSc. Business Administration, (Bayero University, Kano)

Selected Publications

  1. Bhutada, D. P., Murthy, R. K., Priya, J., Dasuki, A. I., Malyan, R. S. (2022). Critically Analysing The Concept Of The Internet Of Things (IOT) And How It Impacts Employee And Business Effectiveness. Korea Review Of International Studies 15(1) 31-39 ISSN – 1226-4741
  2. Dasuki, A. I., Abullahi, S. A., Aneke, J., Abubakar, S. (2021a). Determinants of Behavioural Intention to Patronise Islamic Financial Services in Nigeria. Dutse Journal of Economics and Development Studies (DUJEDS) 9(1), 30-37. ISSN: 2536-6130.
  3. Dasuki, A. I., Abullahi, S. A., Aneke, J., Abubakar, S. (2021b). Behavioural Intention to use Islamic Financial Services using Theory of Planned Behaviour. Lapai Journal of Management Science (LAJOMAS) 10(1), 47-57 ISSN: 2315-9243.
  4. Abdulrahaman S., & Dasuki, A. I. (2021). Moderating effect of Government support on Bank Credit and SME’s productivity during Covid-19 Pandemic in Nigeria. Northwest Journal of Social and Management and Sciences: 3(1), in Press.
  5. Adamu, U. G., Hammed O. S., Dasuki, A. I., & Idris H. B. (2019). Effect of Entrepreneurial Orientation on The Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Gombe State. Hallmark University Journal of Management and Social Sciences: 1(1),132-138
  6. Abdulrahaman S., & Dasuki, A. I. (2019). Impact of Electronic Banking on Islamic bank Customer Satisfaction. Northwest Journal of Social and Management and Sciences: 2 (1), 200-210 ISSN 2645-2901.
  7. Veeraiah, V., Prasad, A. B., Sapna, S., Verma, D., PRANAVAN, S., & Dasuki, A. I. (2022, April). Monitoring and Controlling Data Through the Internet of Things (IOT) System: A Framework to Measure the Public Health. In 2022 2nd International Conference on Advance Computing and Innovative Technologies in Engineering (ICACITE) (pp. 226-229). IEEE
  8. Dasuki, A. I. (2021) Factors Affecting Salary Account Holders Intention to Participate in Islamic Health Insurance in Nigeria. Being a Paper Presented During a 5th International Conference on Social and Management Science Research Organized by Faculty of Social and Management Sciences Yusuf Maitama Sule University, Kano November, 2021.