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Student Affairs

Student Affairs

This is a division under the office of the Vice Chancellor which is responsible for the provision of certain essential services to students of the University. The Division is headed by a Senior Academic Staff who serves as the Dean of Student Affairs. The division caters for the accommodation, career guidance, recreational and sporting activities of students. Matters pertaining to students’ Union Clubs, Societies and Associations are also handled by the division.

The office is responsible for the welfare and discipline of students. The Students’ Welfare Board (SWB) and Students’ Disciplinary Committee (SDC), together with Hall Advisers and their assistants also help the Dean in carrying out these functions.

In addition, it also provides assistance and advice to students on different kinds of individual matters that relate to the welfare of those who are resident in the halls, which include orientation, scholarships/prizes, and general counseling.

Other important functions of the Student Affairs Division include:

  • To co-ordinate and monitor students clubs and societies;
  • To provide necessary link between students and university authorities;
  • To ensure that it guarantees the welfare and discipline of students; and
  • To provide students with regular counseling to make them become useful, responsible and result- oriented products of the University.

The Student Affairs Division is therefore the most appropriate place to consult whenever students are in doubt about any issue for necessary guide, advice or information that could assist them.

The Student Affairs Division maintains an active partnership with students in the development and enrichment of their academic programmes and the inculcation of sound morality and discipline to make them become intellectually and morally fit for the society.


Sports & Recreation

Guidance & Counselling



The unit is headed by a professionally trained Guidance and Counseling Officer, The unit liaises with the Federal and State Ministry for Higher Education and other scholarship Boards on the provision of scholarships and Bursaries to the students. Processes N.Y.S.C. Posting and assists students for Entrepreneurship study programmes.

In addition, the unit also offers counseling services to students in the following areas:-

  1. Assists the students to resolve their educational and vocational problems;
  2. Helps the students to remove barriers that might inhibit learning, and at the same time assist them to develop better problem-solving techniques;
  3. Assists the students vent their anxieties, seek enriching information and in the process live normal lives;
  4. Offers advice and counseling to students on their rights, opportunities for employment, including relevant subjects or specialization for chosen careers;
  5. Establishes and maintain contact between the University and prospective employers (Government, Industry, Commerce and the Professions) so as to acquaint them with the courses and programmes of studies being pursued by students and to enable employers acquaint the University with new areas of study where students can seek employment;
  6. Serves as a link between the graduates of the University and the various employing agencies on what jobs are available and give feedback to the University on new areas of study where students can seek employment;
  7. To equip students into health skills to cope with rapid societal changes;
  8. Assists the students to understand themselves and to be able to resolve personal and social problems so that the best possible ‘’self ’’ can be realized.
Dean Student Affairs
Dean Student Affairs

Contact Info

Left Wing Ground Floor
City Campus

+234 8166962500

Mon – Fri 8:00A.M. – 6:00P.M.

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