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Room A2

Sagiru Mati, PhD

Lecturer I

Research Interest

Applied Econometrics, Statistical Software Development, Artificial Intelligence, Health Policy, International Economics

Area of specialization

International Economics


  • PhD. Economics
  • MSc. Economics
  • BSc. Economics

Selected Publications

  1. Alamrouni, A., Aslanova, F., Mati, S., Maccido, H. S., Jibril, A. A., Usman, A. G., & Abba, S. I. (2022). Multi-Regional Modeling of Cumulative COVID-19 Cases Integrated with Environmental Forest Knowledge Estimation: A Deep Learning Ensemble Approach. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 19(2), 738.
  2. Mati, S. (2021). Do as your neighbours do? Assessing the impact of lockdown and reopening on the active COVID-19 cases in Nigeria. Social Science & Medicine, 270, 113645.
  3. Mati, S., Civcir, I., & Ozdeser, H. (2020). ECOWAS Common Currency, a Mirage or Possibility?. Panoeconomicus, 1-25.
  4. Mati, S., Civcir, I., & Ozdeser, H. (2019). ECOWAS common currency: how prepared are its members?. Investigación económica, 78(308), 89-119.
  5. Akalpler, E., Ozdeser, H., & Mati, S. (2017). Trade-volatility relationship in the light of Nigeria and the euro area. J. Appl. Econ. Sci, 12.
  6. Mat, S (2022). EviewsR: A seamless Integration of EViews and R. CRAN
  7. Mat, S (2022). gretlR: A seamless Integration of gretl and R. CRAN
  8. Mat, S (2022). DynareR: A seamless Integration of Dynare and R. CRAN