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Room A11 Second Floor Main Campus

Nazifi Umar

Lecturer I

Research Interest

Development Planning, Mapping and Data Analysis

Area of specialization

Regional Geography and Regional Development


  • PhD. (in view)
  • BSc. Geography
  • MA. Geography

Selected Publications

  1. Location and Extent of North-Western Nigeria (Published in a Book titled Northwest A Book of Readings)

  2. Mu Zagaya Yawo: A Geographic Rendition of Mamman Shata Waqar Habu Darma (To be published in the upcoming Book on the life of Dr. Mamman Shata Katsina).

  3. Environmental Impact Assessment of Extension of National Highway Number 1: A Critical Study 2014

  4. Regional Disparities in Levels of Development in Africa 2014

  5. Past of Africa: A Legacy to Present and Future 2014

  6. Geosecurity Substance: a Conceptual Approach to Bio-geographical Hotspots of Nigeria