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Room A2, 2nd Floor, Main Campus

Muhammad Rabiu Danlami

Lecturer I

Research Interest

Islamic Social Finance, Fintech, Financial Economics and Growth

Area of specialization

Islamic Banking and Finance


  • PhD. (in view)
  • MSc.
  • BSc.

Selected Publications

  1. CAMELS, risk-sharing financing, institutional quality and stability of Islamic banks: evidence from 6 OIC countries

  2. The Need for Revitalization of Islamic Social Finance Instruments in the COVID-19 Period in Nigeria: The Role of Digitalization

  3. The effects of financial development-trade openness nexus on Nigeria’s dynamic economic growth

  4. Energy consumption and manufacturing performance in Sub-Saharan Africa: Does income group matter?

  5. Impact of macroeconomic variables on stock market development in Nigeria: Empirical evidence with known structural break

  6. An empirical study on the relationship between financial intermediaries and economic growth in Nigeria: A cointegration and causality analysis