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Room 312 City Campus

Muhammad Badamasi Abdullahi

Lecturer I

Research Interest

Psychology of Special Needs

Area of specialization



  • M.Ed.
  • BA. Ed.

Selected Publications

  1. Musa A & Abdullahi M.B. (2016). Development in Education: the contributions of learning and cognitive development theories, Northwest multidisplinary journal. vol 1, No 2, Tetfund supported.
  2. Abdullahi, M.B., Abdullahi S, and Ibrahim D.S. (2017). Demographic variables and leadership behavior of secondary school teachers in Kano state, International journal of Educational Benchmark. vol 8, issue 1, 35-40.
  3. Abdullahi, M.B., Ibrahim D.S and Sango A. (2017). Comparative Outlook of Teacher Education in Nigeria and India, the African journal of Educational Assessors. Vol 4, issue 1.
  4. Ali H & Abdullahi M.B. (2017). Enhancing Teachers’ Emotional Intelligence and Job Satisfaction for Sustainable Development in Nigeria, Northwest Journal of Educational Studies. Vol 2, No 1, p, 351
  5. Ibrahim F.B., Chindo H.S,and Abdullahi M.B. (2019). Learning Disabilities and Inclusive Education: A study of some selected schools in Kano State; vol 17.
  6. Darma K.R., Abdullahi M.B. (2019). Impact of Boko Haram Violence and Indoctrination on Students Attitude towards Western Education in North-Eastern Nigeria: International Journal for Social Studies. Volume 05 Issue 12. ISSN:24553220.Availableonlineat::
  7. Abdullahi M.B. (2019) Efficacy of inclusive learning Environment: Attitude and School Modification for Students with Special Needs in Dala Zonal Education of Kano State. National Journal of Special Needs Education (NJNSE) Volume VI, Number VI.