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Room 12 faculty of Basic Medical Sciences. Main campus.

Mahmud Safiyanu, PhD

Lecturer I

Research Interest

Malaria vectors and parasites.

Area of specialization

Biochemistry and molecular biology of parasites and Vectors.


  • PhD.
  • M.Sc.
  • BSc.

Selected Publications

  1. Detoxification enzymes activities in DDT and bendiocarb resistant and suceptible malarial vectors breed in Auyo residential and irrigation sites, northwest Nigeria (2015).

  2. Detection of Kdr 1014F mutation in pyretheroids suceptible Anopheles gambiae Sl from Ladanai, Kano state, Northwest, Nigeria (2019).

  3. Selection for and Biochemical characterization of DDT resistance in laboratory strain of An arabiensis (2020)

  4. Xenobiotic induced expression of Glutathione s transferase Gste2 in laboratory strain of An arabiensis (2021).