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Ibrahim Musa , PhD

Lecturer II

Research Interest

Sensors for Clinical and Atmospheric applications

Area of specialization

Physical Chemistry


  • PhD,
  • MSc.
  • BSc.

Selected Publications

  1. Development of Chitosan/Nickel phthalocyanine composite based conductometric micro-sensor for methanol detection. Electroanalysis, on line, doi: 10.1002/elan.202100707

  2. Electrospun PVC-Nickel phthalocyanine composite nanofiber-based conductometric methanol microsensor; Microchemical journal, on line, doi: 182(2022) 107899

  3. Extraction, production, and characterization of biodiesel from shea butter (Vitellaria paradoxa C. F. Gaertn) obtained from Hadejia, Jigawa State, Nigeria
    GSC Biological and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2020, 11(03), 208-215 , Journal homepage:

  4. Mineral Content, Proximate Composition, and the Antioxidant Properties of the Ethanol Extract of Hyphaene thebaica L. from Gezawa Town, Kano State, Nigeria
    Asian Journal of Applied Chemistry Research 6(2): 33-40, 2020; Article no.AJACR.58558 ISSN: 2582-0273

  5. Evaluation of the in-vivo antitrypanosomal activity of the crude extract of Moringa oleifera (lam) against rats infected with Trypanosoma brucei
    GSC Biological and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2020, 11(01), 012–017 Journal homepage:

  6. Conference participation and publication IWIS Conference Proceedings (IEEE Xplore): Development of Silicon-Based Micro-Sensor for Selective Methanol Discrimination and Detection over Interfering VOC (Accepted). doi:10.1109/IWIS54661.2021.9711782