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Room 3, 7th Floor, City Campus

Ibrahim Kabir , PhD

Lecturer I

Research Interest

Finance, Entrepreneurship, Investment and Banking

Area of specialization

Finance and Entrepreneurship


  • PhD,
  • MSc.
  • BSc.

Selected Publications

  1. National culture and entrepreneurial orientation in an emerging economy: the moderating role of informal enterprises’ survival intent. Journal of Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies.

  2. Kabir, I., Abdullahi, Y.A. & Naqshbandi, M.M. (2022). Measuring entrepreneurial orientation and institutional theory for informal enterprises: scale validation. Quality Quantity 56 (3).

  3. Kabir, I., Gunu, U. & Gwadabe, Z.L. (2022). Decent Work Environment and Work-Life Balance: Empirical Analysis of Banking Sector of Hostile Environments. Journal of Family Economics Issue 43 (1).

  4. Kabir, I., Abubakar, MA. (2021). Role of Microfinance Bank on the Performance of Microenterprises in Kano State. Kebbi Journal of Business Management, 1(1), 78-89.

  5. Kabir, I., Gunu, U., & Gwadabe, Z. L. (2020). Preliminary Analysis on the Effect of Decent Work Environment on Work-Life Balance in Nigerian SMEs. Asian Journal of Research in Education and Social Sciences, 2(2), 125-140.

  6. Garba, A. S., Kabir, I., & Mahmoud, M. A. (2019). Entrepreneurial Orientation and Growth Potential of Microenterprises In Northwest, Nigeria. Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship, 24(02), 1950011.

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  8. Halliru M., Kabir I., Mahmoud MA. (2018). Comparative Analysis between Chinese and Local Product Price and Quality: Tool for Competitive Advantage to Local Industries. LASU Journal of Business Administration

  9. Halliru, M., Kabir, I., & Abubakar, M. S. (2018). Effect of Chinese Product Price, Quality, Innovativeness and Brand Awareness on Customers’ Loyalty: An Empirical Analysis of Local Industries in Northern Nigeria. Covenant Journal of Entrepreneurship (Special Edition).

  10. Halliru, M., Kabir, I., Mukhtar, S. (2018). An Analysis of Chinese Product Awareness and Customers’ Loyalty: Threat for the Survival of Local Industries in Northern Nigeria. Lapai Journal of Management Science, 8(1)

  11. Bala Ado, K., & Maje, I. K. (2017). Impact of Training and Financial Support on the Performance of the Participants of Katsina Youth Craft Village Entrepreneurship Development Programme.

  12. Garba, A. S., Kabir, I., & Mahmoud, M. A. (2017). Reliability and Validity Analysis of Entrepreneurial Orientation and Growth Potential for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Northern Nigeria.

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  15. Halliru, M., Kabir, I., Mukhtar, S. (2016). Impact of Chines Products on the Survival of Domestic/Local industries in the Northwest Region of Nigeria. Institutional Based Research working Paper, 2016

  16. Kabir, I. (2014). Impact of Training and Financial Support on the Participants of YCV Entrepreneurship Development Program in Katsina State (2009 to 2012). M.Sc. Dissertation, Department of Business Administration, BUK, 2014.

  17. Evaluation of Socio-Economic Impact of GSM on University Students: A case study of BUK. A research Project, for the award of B.Sc. Bus Admin

  18. New Product Development Strategy, Success and Failure. A seminar presentation, Department of Business Administration

  19. Re-thinking of convectional management and managing the future. A seminar presentation with the Department of Business Administration.

  20. STAFFING: Recruitment, Selection and Placement of Qualified Employee at minimal cost A seminar presentation with the Department of Business Administration