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Hamza Garba Adamu

Lecturer II

Research Interest

Neuroanatomy. That focused on the study of Lead acetate exposure to experimental animals particularly in the major functional areas of the Brain; Hippocampal, Cerebellar, Thalamus, Hypothalamus and Cerebral cortexes and secondly investigating possible therapeutic usage of medicinal plants (like Garlic and Moringa) as treatment options for lead induced brain damage in our environment.

Area of specialization



  • M.Sc. Human Anatomy
  • BSc. Human Anatomy

Selected Publications

  1. G.A. Hamza, A.O. Ibegbu, A.A. Buraimoh (2016). Evaluation of the effects of the aqueous allium sativum (Garlic) extract on the Lead – induced changes on the histological and biochemical changes on the Hippocampus of Wistar rats. ABU Zaria Maiden Edition of the postgraduate students conference proceedings; Volume 1: 550 – 553.

  2. G.A. Hamza, A.O. Ibegbu, A.A. Buraimoh (2017). Evaluation of the effects of aqueous garlic extract on lead-induced changes on cerebellum of Wistar rats. African Journal of Cellular Pathology; 8 (2), 9-14.

  3. G.A. Hamza and R.A. Magaji (2019). Ameliorative effects of aqueous garlic extracts on lead- induced neurobehavioural changes in Wistar rats. Nigerian Journal of Neuroscience; 10 (2), 55-60.

  4. Isyaku I., Saleh N., G.A. Hamza and Garba, H.M. (2019). Additional Muscle (Middle Layer) in the Anterior Compartment of the Forearm. Acta Scientific Medical Sciences: 3 (9), 102-103.