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Room G08 Ground floor, Faculty of Education, Main Campus

Aisha Hassan Sulaiman, PhD

Senior Lecturer

Research Interest

Education. Curriculum. English. Special Education.

Area of specialization

 Curriculum Studies


  • PhD. in Curriculum
  • MSc. in Curriculum
  • BSc. Education

Selected Publications

  1. The Development of special Education in Kano state(. Special and Inclusive Education with focus on Nigerian Experience)
  2. An assessment of the state of Adult learners” performance in English language and Mathematics in Kano state Agency for Mass Education (Techno Science Africans journal. VOl. 9 No 1)
  3. Planning Appropriate Curriculum for Students with Special Needs (Emerging Trends in Contemporary Education. A book of Reading faculty of Education. Yusuf Maitama Sule University. Kano)
  4. Play To Learn Potential of Children :The Concept, Perception And Roles of Nigerian Parents. (A. B. U journal of Educational Psychology And Counseling. VOl. 2,No 1.
  5. Fostering Quality Education in Nigerian Universities :The Role of Effective Instructions. (IOSR Journals VOl. 8.
  6. Guidance Curriculum as a better option for Counseling Service delivery in Nigeria (JGCS)
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