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Faculty of Education, Ground floor, Main campus,

Abdullahi Rabiu

Lecturer I

Research Interest

E-Learning, Online Education, Blended Learning, Computers in Education, Computer Aided Design and Drafting, drafting technology, Architectural Design, Architectural Drawings

Area of specialization

Drafting and Design Technology Education


  • M.Ed. Tech.
  • BSc. Tech.

Selected Publications

  1. Rabiu A. (2017). Application of Computer Aided Design and Drafting in Technology Education for Sustainable Development, (Case Study of Kano Higher Institutions) Northwest journal of educational studies. Volume 1, No. 1 June, 2017 Maiden Edition. P. 69-80.

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  3. Rabiu A. & Ajelabi P. A. (2020). Computer Aided Design and Drafting Skills for Effective TVET Programme in Tertiary Institutions Located in Kano State, Nigeria, International European Extended Enablement in Science, Engineering, & Management IEEE-SEM, Volume 8, Issue 9, September-2020 ISSN 2320-9151, p93-103

  4. Rabiu A. & Dikko S. U. (2018). Developing a New Didactic Technical Drawing Resource for Bachelor of Technology Education Students Using Computer Aided Design Software, Bayero Jounal of Science, Technology and Mathematics Education (BAJOSTME). Volume 1, December 2018, p277-284.

  5. Deepika K., Salisu M.I. & Rabiu A. (2015). A study on use of E-learning and Effectiveness of Teaching Among High School Teachers in Kanchipuram District, Chennai India. International Journal of Scientific Research, Volume 4, Issue 6, June 2015. P.16-17.

  6. Prema N., Rabiu A. & Salisu M.I (2015). A study on Attitude toward computer Aided Design and Drafting of engineering students in kattankulathur. Indian Journal of Applied Research, Volume 5, Issue 4 April 2015 p.37-39 2015.

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